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A healthy clog free tile system is important for any field to produce.  See how our Quick Drain inlets can draw water faster, filter debris, and increase your farm’s production.

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Tired of constantly refilling your planter boxes?  Try the Acre Plus which is compatible with all John Deere and Kinze planters.

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Keep your equipment running in tip-top shape.  Never let another breakdown delay the busy season.

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Better Drainage = Better yeilds

Ideas for farmers. By Farmers

AgSolutions, Inc. began in September  2003 when the Glazik brothers met with a representative from John Deere who expressed the a need for new, innovative agricultural products.  The fit couldn’t have been more perfect.  Gary and Steve Glazik were not only active farmers, but also the owners/opperators of Plastic Designs, Inc. (PDI).  Since 1989, PDI has been making injection molded and thermoformed products for some of America’s most respected companies (Mitsubishi, Harley Davidson, Bell Sports and John Deere).

The AgSolutions’ staff understands the needs and wants of farmers. Our AgSolutions’ sales manager and plant production manager are both actively involved in farming. For more information about AgSolutions’ products, contact (866) PDI-1988 with product, dealer, and pricing questions.

We use all of the products we make on our own farms.
All of our products have been put to the test on our farms in Illinois.  You can be certain they will stand up to your application.
Our engineers work tirelessly to come out with new technology that works in the field.  We believe innovation is the way increase your farm’s productivity.


Drain fields fast with the Quick Drain

369 gpm

113 gpm



QuickDrain (6″ Inlet)

369 gallons per minute drainage rate in 6″ of water

Hickenbottom (6″ Inlet)

113 gallons per minute drainage rate in 6″ of water

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